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Getting printed materials into the hands of users quickly, accurately, reasonably, and easily can be a challenge and a headache. Are you working with 1 vendor for stationery, 2 for signage, 3 vendors for marketing and sales collateral, 1 promotional products company, and 2 trade show suppliers?

How’s that working for you?

Integrated Online Ordering Systems from BPI Direct provides you the ultimate in efficiencies for training and marketing materials while controlling your brand!

Assume Complete Control over the Purchase, Management and Distribution of all your materials, and look like a super star while doing it!

  • Streamline Purchasing and distribution to franchise locations by providing authorized users the ability to access the online ordering system to receive all materials based upon the corporate standards.
  • Branding is sacred! Protect your corporate identity from the multiple locations buying practices that procure materials with the “that will do” attitude. Pre-set solutions and templates to ensure that all materials used anywhere in the world will follow your corporate standards. Your graphic design hours will be cut dramatically with using templates for common materials.
  • Print on demand offers you quantities that you need, not what you settle for. It is not about getting a quantity discount for a better price when you throw out 1,000 brochures because something “changed”. Save some money and some trees!

Management becomes fast and easy with BPI Direct offering you a variety of tools allowing you to control inventory, review orders, and more … AUTOMATICALLY!

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